As the coordinator, co-creator, and originator, I have conducted a range of educational, artistic, social, and scientific projects



Schmidt Sciences AI2050 Early Career Fellow

‘Imaginaries of Immortality in the Age of AI: An Intercultural Analysis’

Principal Investigator

In recent years, the impact of AI on our attitudes to death and immortality have gained immense significance across technological and economic domains. While the design and implementation of systems promising a digital afterlife can have far-reaching global consequences, they are currently discussed almost exclusively within an Anglophone Western context. Katarzyna Nowaczyk-Basińska’s AI2050 project aims to investigate perceptions of digital immortality in three eastern countries assessing their alignment with local interests and exploring diverse cultural imaginaries related to AI-driven immortality concepts. It will conduct three intercultural workshops with experts and non-experts to frame digital immortality within a context of diversity.

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The Leverhulme Center for the Future of Intelligence, University of Cambridge

International conference ‘Digital (Im)mortality: Philosophy, Ethics and Design’.
Co-creator (with Professor Stephen Cave ) of the conference concept as well as the event coordinator and moderator of the Design for Digital Immortality panel.

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Research Grant ETIUDA 8 nr UMO-2020/36/T/HS2/00010, National Science Center

‘Immortality. Technocultural Strategies of Contemporary Times’

Project Leader

My work aims to analyze the impact of advanced technologies (primarily artificial intelligence) on the concept of immortality in Western culture alongside the social and cultural shifts caused by the ever-expanding understanding of techno-immortality over the last two decades. As part of my scholarship, I started cooperation with the Leverhulme Center for the Future of Intelligence at the University of Cambridge, and I am conducting my research under the scientific supervision of Professor Stephen Cave.



University of Arts in Poznań and the MONA Museum of Contemporary Art

Author and curator of an interactive exhibition entitled ‘Im?mortality. Cultural and Technological Contexts’; the exhibition presents the results of my one-year research carried out with funds from the Marshal of the Wielkopolska Region.



Social Educational and Theatrical Association “Szamocin Station”

Lecturer and trainer in the field of creating and implementing social and artistic projects.



Foundation for the Development of the Education System, Mediation House Antoszek & Kamińska, European GRUNDTVIG program

Co-author of the two international workshops entitled: ‘Mind maps as tools supporting adult literacy. Developing a modern method’ and ‘Great grandparents! Seniors and grandchildren without barriers.


2011 - 2013

Center for Culture and Arts in Konin, the Poznań Association of Theater Initiatives

Curator and coordinator (with Angelika Topolewska-Pleskot) of the artistic and scientific project entitled ‘Bohaterowie, których nie ma’ as part of the fourth edition of the Nowa Siła Kuratorska festival.



The Zone of Silence Theater / Theater Residence Center SCENA ROBOCZA

Co-creator (with Adam Ziajski) and coordinator of the first residential center for independent artists in Poland; responsible for promotional activities, acquiring partners and sponsors, obtaining funds from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and the Marshal Office of the Wielkopolska Region, as well as supervising the production and implementation of events.